The enterprise 2.0 roundtable

Once the Enterprise 2.0 core team is established (embodying the spirit of E2.0 itself) the members will strategize what ‘great’ looks like for the future health and success of the company. But ensuring that this is a cross-functional and equally representative core team will drive positive aspects such as but not limited to:

  • Learning reshaping their ‘training department’ to become E2.0 specific (formal, informal & social)
  • HR and/or Learning ensuring core competencies are revised to include E2.0 principles
  • HR helping to drive other key HRIS and HR process linkages to E2.0 strategy
  • IT obviously stating what’s possible, what’s not, and aligning to other technology plans and/or investments (previous, current or future)
  • Customer facing representatives indicating requirements and thoughts to drive profit/revenues
  • Corporate Communications outlining potential impacts to any and all things related to formal company-wide communication linkages
  • Social Media Team (if you have one) obviously wanting to have a seat at the table
  • Executive Sponsor to ensure someone at the senior leadership echelon of the company is both aware and supportive of where the ‘vision’ is heading

- Dan Pontefract


I’d add Business Unit people where available or at least their input via a survey or anecdote circles. It’s not just about connection, awareness and emergence. We need to know what their pain points are, what are their exceptions to business processes, and where new tools can enhance or fix things.


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