Change the conversation from problem solving to building stronger community inside of your business

Change the conversation with your coworkers from one of problem solving to one of building stronger community inside of your business. If everyone can clearly communicate their own passions/skills that they are bringing to the business it will be easier for teams to self-organize and create innovative products together. The idea that community is the structure of belonging that foster innovation is not a new concept either (Peter Block 2005 –

…it seems, social business design is really not rocket science. Its just contemporary organizational design, a field which continues to evolve but I would argue that pace of change in that field is very slow and organic. Although I agree fun is a key element of building community, I still think change is the driving force

SOURCE - Steve Golab


Creating and sustaining a sense of belonging

Is the notion of the agile organisation just another fad, another label for decentralization and empowerment?


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